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    Need half page ad designed by the way
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    Need half page ad designed

    Hi, i can definitely do this for you. Contact me with more details like your idea, target audience and maybe specific size, your budget and when you want it for and any other details that would be useful. Cheers :)
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    Hi all

    Im Tom from this forum is great and im right now just looking through it and im looking forward to helping others n networking. follow me on twitter @1stklassdesigns thank you
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    what do you guys think

    hey cheers, im dyslexic probably why i havent spotted it lol...i was up till 5 am building the site also, but great shout thank you
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    Logo needed for new business

    hi, 1stklassdesigns aim at startups and small businesses so that our prices are and we can come up with different ideas till you are happy
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    Business Logo

    i know you have some PM already...please get in touch and i will gladly help...
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    Graphic Design Forums Competition

    im in, ive entered
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    what do you guys think

    hi im new to this website is been live for a while and just thought why not get it reviewed 1st Klass Designs Web Design Birmingham | Startup Web Designs Birmingham | Small Business Web Designs all comments welcome good or bad
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    site crit needed

    very much took the words out of my mouth
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    Site redesign

    Hi, i like that design, only thing i would add to it maybe size like jonathan said and also some page breaker in the middle text area so it stands out to the user :)
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    hi all

    thank you...:) im already finding my way around..dont forget to foolow me plz on twitter @1stklassdesigns
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    My new design services website

    i love your site....only thing if i'm been picky is too much text or stuff to go through, but never the less i can easily see menus and icons to click on what i want
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    Add your Twitter name here....

    @1stklassdesigns 1st Klass Designs (1stklassdesigns) on Twitter Follow please guys :)
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    hi all

    My name is tom and i own check out the site to find out more about what i do. i hope you are all doing good. thank you